Building Analytical Capacity

Our data approach leverages a systems design framework to evaluate your current capacity and plan to grow your resources to support smart decisions. 

The IDEA Analytics Approach

Developing – or further enhancing – your organization’s ability to collect, maintain and effectively use data to drive your mission forward requires evaluation and strategic planning. IDEA Analytics uses five domains that cover your organizational commitment, resources and processes. These domains are in constant balance as resources and organizational priorities are impacted by change.
building analytical capacity
Our Five Domain Assessment

Does your agency use data to make decisions?
Does your data tell you where you need resources?
Is your data ethical and free of bias?

These are common questions from our clients as they seek to build capacity and be more responsive to community needs.  Our assessments seek to understand your strengths, opportunities for growth, and capacity for change. These may include one or more of the following:

  • Job task analysis
  • Data source evaluation
  • Data lifecycle and IT mapping
  • Analytical workflow processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Feasibility and capability evaluations

Evaluating your human and technology processes help us map your strategy to grow. 

Discover more

Learn more about our approach with several National Public Safety Partnership sites seeking to develop data-driven crime reduction programs. 

Analytical Expectations

We look at a lot of data, but I don't know what it is telling us.

Expectations should be developed and mapped by leadership to support objectives. While leadership may understand what they need to know, there are several processes that need to occur for analysts or technology staff to develop information. Setting clear expectations about what you want to know, why you want to know it, and how it supports your needs allows analysts to leverage their expertise in the best method to inform you in a timely, actionable and accurate way.

People Resources

We have analysts...I am not sure what they do, but I get reports.

People are the key resource for an organization. Identifying the person(s) with the best-fit of knowledge, skills and abilities for tasks related to technology and analysis will support long-term goals. Each organization has taken a different approach to identifying and developing dedicated persons for analytical functions; however, not all of these approaches have been consistent with industry standards and/or organizational goals. Our assessments work to align your personnel within your organization, invest in them for the future, and help educate your staff on their value in the organization. 

Data Access and Quality

Garbage in...garbage out.

Local governments, public safety and education collect a lot of data. Collection is but just one phase in the data lifecycle and requires intention and direction for access, processing, accuracy and quality. IDEA helps understand collection business processes and helps you ensure the storage, access and quality of information is available for your data priorities. 

Technology Capabilities

Everyone wants a dashboard...but ours crash and slow down the system.

Technology procurement for our clients can be a lengthy process and often requires only one major purchase and implementation process at a time. This leads to information silos, interoperability issues and lack of strategic decision making for a suite of products to support your many business needs and your clients. We support your planning phases, as well as educate your staff on procurement processes, so you have sustainable and cost-effective solutions.