Looking at Data in an Equitable way

Equity is not just a hot social topic, it’s an important element when considering data analytics. Organizations need to evaluate their approaches to ensure that everything, from the top down, is viewed through a lens of equity. Included in this movement is the need for equitable data collection.  

We often hear statements like “the numbers don’t lie” and “data is objective.” While the tools and techniques we use to collect data may not be biased, the moment people enter the equation, their own personal experiences influence their interpretation of the data.  

To accurately assess the true story the data is telling us, we must be keenly attuned to who, what, and how it was captured. Are we looking at it from a subjective point of view? Do we have something to gain from having certain results rendered? 

Do We Really Need Change?

Often, quite unintentionally, data and data analytics can be skewed by how we ask questions, collect data, and interpret the information. When interpretation biases come into play, it can lead to harmful misuse of the data and result in undesirable outcomes.  

There’s no doubt that data and its assessment are the ultimate drivers of change, and that’s why IDEA Analytics has re-invented the evaluation process. IDEA relies on a multitude of tools to assess an organization’s strengths and needs — and it doesn’t stop there. They ensure the data is looked at with a focus on equitable service delivery, fairness, and results-based accountability.  

With IDEA’s comprehensive evaluation process, you can be assured that your data is reliable and reflects the wide-range equity goals of your organization. Following collaboration with IDEA, you walk away knowing that you have not only the tools to meet your equity goals, but that the process is rich, meaningful, and designed to create a clear path to actionable change. IDEA measures what matters.  

4 Steps to Measuring What Matters  

IDEA helps you build your analytical capacity and data-driven decision-making using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Using human-centered design techniques, leadership coaching, adult learning methods, and results-based accountability IDEA can provide precise solutions, setting you on a path toward success. Using a four-pronged approach IDEA’s methodology covers it all.  


In collaboration with IDEA, we define your organizational goals and objective. Taking into account what is working and help you grow those successes. We also work to uncover challenging process points, fiscal barriers, and other obstacles preventing you from effecting immediate change.  


We work alongside you to develop action plans and shift practices to meet the desired goals and grow your organization. Simply put, we meet you where you’re growing and move forward from there.  

Read here to see how one police department in conjunction with IDEA’s support benefited from reimagining its analytical capacity. Using the very methods and action plans developed during this stage, the Orlando Police Department developed sustainable solutions.    


Our analyst development sessions guide staff on how to implement changes by effectively and efficiently sharing newfound knowledge with new hires and all existing employees. Training offers opportunities for continued advancement toward your organization’s goals.  


Our final report allows you to see how our efforts have benefited your agency to date. Even better, the process helps you to define future success, and create a roadmap to get there.  

We’ve helped agencies and organizations across the country 

We extrapolate the data to provide a clear picture that offers you a chance to create equitable solutions that are sustainable and cost-effective. Regardless of the issues you face, community and officer safety can be improved using data analysis and the solutions that IDEA offers, helping you craft equitable outcomes.  

We’ve assisted over 80 local and state municipalities across the United States with short- and long-term projects, and yours could be our next successful collaboration. From your intake call to completing our initial assessment, we’re ready to make actionable changes in only 6 months. 

The IDEA team offers over 100 years of combined industry expertise, making us uniquely equipped to help you make the lasting changes you’ve been waiting for!  

Ready to make groundbreaking organizational changes that stick? Let IDEA Analytics help you measure what matters.