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Governments Data Analytics
Government agencies are continually asked to do more with less, and data analytics is sometimes viewed as crucial to their success. Data analytics can be used to improve efficiency, inform spending decisions, explain current trends, and predict future incidents. Agencies that have embraced a data-driven culture have reaped the rewards
IDEA March 2022 Blog 2 (1)
CIT Behavioral Health Incidents: Police Support Many emergencies demand police presence, but whether officers should be responding to behavioral health incidents is in question. Due to law enforcement’s 24/7 availability and the availability of mental health services, police officers often serve as first responders to these non-criminal emergencies.  As a
Blog Looking at Data in an Equitable Way
Looking at Data in an Equitable way Equity is not just a hot social topic, it’s an important element when considering data analytics. Organizations need to evaluate their approaches to ensure that everything, from the top down, is viewed through a lens of equity. Included in this movement is the

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