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Updated from a previously published version on Coalition for Juvenile Justice Blog January 2020:     I am proof of both failure and success.  The failure of parents to provide basic needs and safety. The failure of child services systems to provide sustainable solutions. The failure of courts to make decisions
IDEA Blog 5 Government Technology Trends
Governments use technology for various purposes, from improving citizen services to increasing transparency and accountability. Governments at all levels are under pressure to do more with less, and technology can help them meet these challenges. The world is changing faster than ever, and the government must change. Government leaders must
State Government Technology
The role of technology in government is ever-evolving and becoming increasingly complex. As citizens rely more on technology, state, and local governments must adapt to meet the demand. State governments are turning to technology solutions to improve efficiency, accountability, and transparency while reducing costs. Various tools and software are available
federal government technology
The federal government uses various technology tools and software to help it run smoothly and efficiently. These tools and software help federal employees with everything from communicating to managing data and processes. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the most popular and essential federal government
Government Technology
What Is Government Technology? Government technology (G-Tech) is the application of technology within a governmental context. This can include anything from the use of computers in government offices to online services offered by government agencies. G-Tech also encompasses the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to the use

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