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Blog Data Long-Term
Community policing faces many challenges in today’s world. Understanding the problems that people face, figuring out how to solve them, and leveraging available resources to do so present important logistical questions. Many departments simply don’t have the expertise to deal with their most pressing concerns. IDEA Analytics is partnering with
Blog Evolution of Data
How can police leaders determine who the right analyst is for their agency? We don’t typically think of people in terms of resources – but the individuals we trust to carry out our organization’s missions are one of the greatest strengths we have at our disposal. It’s important to ensure
Blog Human Trafficking Index
The Problem: A Lack of Direction and Data Human trafficking is one of the most challenging crimes to identify. It usually requires survivors and victims to come forward and report their abuse – a daunting task that may not even be possible for those who are controlled and threatened by
The Department of Homeland Security characterizes human trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery. Victims are bought and sold for the profit of their traffickers and exploited for services including labor and commercial sex. These victims – men, women, and children – are often too afraid of both their traffickers
Blog How Combining Policing Strategies Benefit Communities
How do they work together to create a safer community for everyone involved? When it comes to crime prevention, community-and problem-oriented policing are two complementary approaches to law enforcement with the common goal of making communities safer. Community policing emphasizes building trust and cooperation between police and the community. This

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